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Cabernet Sauvignon

Our Cabernet Sauvignon vines are over 20 years old and produce silky smooth, fruit driven, premium Cabernet Sauvignon.

Cabernet Rose

Each harvest, we set aside a parcel of our Cabernet Sauvignon to produce our Cabernet Rose. Our Rose is a fantastic example of a dry, crisp yet refreshing and easy to drink Rose that ensures the wonderful fruit flavours of the Cabernet Sauvigon are not lost.


Our Shiraz is vineyards are nearly 20 years old and as such are producing wonderfully approachable and classic Shiraz flavours.

Bold, yet refined. Tight tannins, yet easy drinking.


Our Chardonnay is a perfect example of tradition meeting modern winemaking.


Gone are the days where Chardonnay is overpowered by oak. The Rothesay Estate Chardonnay takes a modern approach that is all about the fruit and fruit characteristics, but with a touch of traditional with very subtle oak characteristics.

Mixed Bundles

Can't decide on which vintage and variety to buy? We've pulled together a couple of bundles that will think will hit the mark!

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